Life fucks everyone at least once, I’ve been fucked by life so many times.

I wanted to write one very deep thought. But then I realized- Why the hell should I do that? Only things I’m gonna write in my blog ever are truth. feelings. and pain.

Life is hard, it makes you suffer, but does it ever makes it back to you? If you’ve suffered enough, here we go in another question- Can someone suffer enough? Is there a word like enough when we are talking about pain? I would like to believe in all those people who thinks that god really is fair. But also that is very discutable question. Is there such a thing as god? or is it just something some of us believe in , to make life easier? or maybe it’s just some fairytail? that he’s the one to make us all happy? Human is very clever being. But sometimes independence scares us, so we need something to hold on to. Something that makes us wake up every morning, with a smile on our faces, something very, very deep and personal. Pain is like a school- you get a bad mark, every time next you work even harder on your job, but still you get bitten in the ass.

Pain is something only some of us doesn’t know. Cause they have suffered so much, they don’t really feel anything by this moment.

Here’s my poem about pain:

Pain it’s what holds you back,

From the fulfilling you dreams and havin’ your luck.

You try, but something big is holding you away, cause in the end it always sucks.

You can never guess the result, but you can try to numerate it.

You can never feel safe, but you can calculate your strenght.

Every answer is in you,

And they all leads you back to the pain.


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