My heart to you is given, Oh, do give yours to me; We’ll lock them up together, And throw away the key.

“I have a lot to say about you, but the truth is I could never leave you, not even after all that you’ve done,” I said. But now, at the end, it doesn’t really matter because we broke our promises, we lost it…. the most precious thing… forever…

I think it’s somewhere in the jungle of life, hidden in the deepest of seas, highest of trees, and all of our biggest fears…

Of course, We will always have some part of it all with us, tattooed on our hearts,  if we’ll be capable of remembering the notes of our song… Because, truly, I don’t have a name for it… this … anymore.

The memories kill us slowly…. And it is no secret that forgetting is easy, but, darling, since when do you search for the easy way out? When was it, that you stopped caring? Why did I ever have to let you down?

We have… had something different… that strange connection, which made even the stupidest of things look surprisingly normal..All because – you were there by my side.

I love… loved the way, how we could talk about anything and everything,

and always keep it the way it should be… between us.. between to sisterish sould… or did we?

I was confused… and  I still am about how could you make me feel so much better even when I was trapped in all of my worst nightmares, when even waking up was so much work.

I loved…. no, I still LOVE you… and my heart will never let you go…. I’ve locked you in…. forever and you’ll always be there, but I will never tell you that, I will never spell it out for you, because we lost it all to the fire of our passion, love and arrogance.

I still remember those days, my friend…. when I could just smile and say:

I don’t know why trees changes in the fall, but I know I had the best day with you, today.

Please don’t forget all the things we’ve done together, all the laughs we’ve shared, and all the memories we made. I miss you, and I always will.

And saying those things, I DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING MEAN, were the BIGGEST mistake of my life… Funny, if you look at it this way, eh?


My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems [:

I wanted to thank you for being here with me, while you could have gone far.

Thank you for paying this price just to make me feel better.

Thank you for helping me, even when you knew that you’ll be grounded after that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here yesterday when I felt like dying, when I lost my mind and sanity.

Thank you for accepting all the apologies and excuses, even though he said that…

Thank you for just being here with me then, now, later, forever.

So here I am.

Friendship knows no colours*Here I am with another nonsense blog post, where I’ll tell you about all the shit that’s in my head. This time I want to talk about friendship.

You know, I hate people who don’t care about anything besides them. Why you’ll ask?

Because they think they know it all, but they are nothing different than we are, they don’t know anything… Difference is that we know it, but they live in their ”bubble” and tries to survive and tries to make it look like they’re better, but one day they’ll be eaten up, and then we’ll see who will laugh last…

Human is a strange being, who actually has no sense.. or does it? ..he? .. she?.. they?

I can’t tell you much, cause I’m probably the dumbest person to be asked to tell something, cause all I have are my thoughts, but I don’t have guts to tell you even a half of them… So just remember…

Never think you’re better than anyone else, because then you’re obviously wrong….

So the thougt is here:

“Live like you’re at the bottom, even when you are on the top!” / Nick Jonas.


Friendship knows no colours, but don’t add black one*

only by

Sun shines in autumn.*^^*

I’ve always hated autumn…


But you know what?? Past 2 years strange things happens in November… it’s actually starting to freak me out, for real…  Things I thought I’ll never be into, things that used to be just so absurd are finally coming to my head and that’s worse… Life gets more confused on every turn of the life… or all the time?


I’ve done lot of thinking, but it all leads to one answer- i don’t know anything.


The day we’ll know something it will probably be too late. 😦

Rich game

This world is sick,

And you know it,

Money changes things,

It gives you wings.

When I look at your face,

That’s a waste.

Bank accounts,

Money amounts,

That’s what matters today.

No one on who you can relay.

Speaking of which,

Now I’ve got to be rich.

Just to be good enough,

To your love.

Please Let’s to this,

This time we can’t miss.

I love you,

But I won’t act rich though.

Bye it’s the last time I speak,

For this game I’m too weak.





World is everything that’s big,

It’s where you can hide – like wig.


One, two, three

Three, four, five- come!


World is something that means a lot to us,

Something that is big… or was?

I feel breathing,

It’s heart is beating..


One, two, three,

three, four, five- come!


World is us,

Like a Simphony of jazz.

I think it’s simple,

But if I thought deeper, I’d get wrinkles.

The world is colorful and bright,

Even if sometimes it seems black&white.


One, two, three

Three, four, five- come!


To see it right,

There’s always light.

When you think it’s over,

When you’re slipping lower.

 Just go for your goal,

You’re the soul.


one, two, threePX.