Your life is made up of years that mean nothing, and moments that mean it all.

I know that sometimes I may not be greatful, but sometimes there is just no reason. That times I feel that I’m going to break, that I’m never getting up again, but then I see the sun and it speaks to me, I feel alive.

So, why do we live so many lifes in one? Why do we keep getting up and falling down? Why do we become suicidal? Where is the line that sets them all apart? years that mean nothing, or do they really? Maybe that’s our lesson, that’s where we have to stick around to learn about ourselves, set our goals and reach them, and then are those moments… those moments we all get paid for our suffer? For our hard work? maybe, these are just black letters on white paper, but maybe I’m right?

I don’t know if I do know anything by now, but I know what I want to find out, what I want to know. I don’t know if I can reach my biggest goals, I don’t know if I have the chance to fulfill my dreams, but I know I’m going to try. I know that there are always going to be some complication on the way, but I can try to walk around, jump above or just go trough that!

Even tough some things seem unreachable, it all comes step by step, start with goals, little goals that takes us the right way.

The hardest is to hold on to your dreams/goals even if they seem so far away, even if they are breaking you apart, even if they mean leaving everything you have- I know it’s scary, but you’ve got to make your next move, there’s no time to stop and think about it, it’s too late for that- go, go, go!

If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t even try to find someone who gets it, or supports it, cause that means leaving one more thing behind later. Be greatful for what you want to be, but never stick on to them again and again. ‘

If you want to be someone, you have to go your own way, you have to do EVERYTHING to get your treasure. You have to walk and never look back, you have to leave and never regret, you have to fall and always get back up.

Your future is up to you, so don’t waste it , honey! ;]



If you feel like giving up remember why you where holding on for so long!




I am not embarrassed to tell you that I believe in miracles.

Yes, I’m not afraid to tell you that I believe all those childish and silly things, such as miracles and nirvana or even fairytales. I do believe in them, cause when you’re down- those are the only things that make you hold on, hold on to life, believe in yourself and in your life. They make us stronger, set us free and make us happy.

Let’s see- what is a miracle?

Miracle is that you believe in something so so much, but you doubt that it will come true, but when it does- you’re amazed, you’re feeling all the great feelings of world.

Yes, I see world colourfully now. everything’s not just black&white anymore, everything has changes.

I worked hard, you healed me…for now. I don’t know when I’ll break down again, but for now I’m finally feeling free, feeling the way we all should. I even enjoy the rain outside, I believe the sun in the nights, I dream about what I have – I see what’s real.

No, this is not a moment of ‘pink glasses’, this is the truth- the truth I’ve been seeking for, the weight I wanted to throw off my heart, the song I wanted to sing in my soul, it goes kinda like this:

lalallalaaaa, what a sunshine in my heart,

What a love in us both, lalalalaaa

sing with me, baby,

let’s forget where we come from,

let’s sing together and fly away… lalalaaa
Did you know that sun can shine while the sky is cloud filled? Did you know the grass can grow under snow? Did you know I could find myself without looking? Did you know I mean everything I say?

When I wake at mornings, it’s all new stuff; I look around and repeat myself what I feel,

I wait trough the hours to see you again,

cause you’re my sunshine, baby…

no after I’ve met you, I am not embarassed to tell you that I believe in miracles!


That’s what’s driving me crazy: you and things you bring into my life. I wish that I could have found this earlier, that there can be such a harmony in one one time… I think I might even start believing fairytales by now, cause I just feel so fullfilled, so true and so happy. The spring has touched my heart, and you have stolen my sanity, I feel like walking on wet grass, I feel like jumping off the cliff and flying. If I told you I love you- would you stay with me forever? Would you keep me smiling?

All the laughs we share, all the secrets we tell, they all set us closer by an inch of heart. Is it possible that life is like a line of miracles – bad, good , bad, good?

I don’t know how long this will last, but what I know for sure, that I’m enyojing every freaking minute of this time I spend with you, and I’m never going to regret a thing I’ve done here. And if you should know- you bring happiness to my life, you’re my little sunshine of my heart, the sun that never goes down, you are my love, my love is true.

I love you. <33