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Crying, crying til you’ve got nothing left. Crying with no reason. Oh cmon stop feeling sorry for yourself, you’re damn weak. Nobody lives a perfect life, it doesn’t matter that they have something you don’t. Why do you keep looking at others and wishing you had what they have if you don’t know a fucking thing about it? So what that you are hurt? everybody cries sometimes, so don’t think you deserve more than what you have been given. What if it’s about changing yourself. what if it’s about getting to know yourself, huh? Be strong, bitch!


Diary of life : entry 2 : Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. –Anonymous

When you make mistakes you are most alike human, but when you forgive you’re most alike god



How many times have we asked someone to forgive us? And how many times have we forgiven others?


We always expect others to forgive us the biggest mistakes, while at the same time we can’t forgive others tiny crimes. And now just tell me – that this is false!

There are few good reasons why you should always forgive and why you should be forgiven to:.

Forgive because.. :

1. Everyone wants a blank page, give them one more chance to prove that they can do it better.

2. People make mistakes and you know it, cause they are only human.

3. By being angry with someone you don’t do as bad to them as you do to yourself, cause negative energy trashes your organism.

4. Remember that there’s no smoke without fire, so most likely you are the one to blame as much as the other person.

5. Everytime you think bad about someone, somebody else does the same about you. It’s the power of cosmos energy.


be forgiven because :

1. You feel sorry for what you did, because you know you were wrong.

2. You take a step forward to a person that doensn’t know what he’s doing if he doesn’t forgive you

remember :  Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing. /Jesus/

Forgiving is an art, it’s a way of showing how mature you really are and what’s inside your soul…



1. You should always forgive easily. Of course, I’m not saying that you should forgive unfaitfulness etc. in a moment, then you can take your time and you can go your own way, but still you need to forgive the other person in your heart, cause otherwise  you can never really move on with your life…

2.  Don’t ever tell people you forgive them when you don’t, cause that only makes them AND YOU more hurt

3. Never forgive people only when you need something from them and never be  but-kissy cause the other person is not an idiot..


Being in a fight is OK as long as you remember that you have to forgive or ask for forgiveness yourself when you feel like it, cause no one needs empty words.. Forgiveness is not about asking or saying yes, it’s about proving that you’re relationship with the other person is more important than your pride!


Like they say in Leads – Live and let live!





Diary of life : entry 1: Just because people keep saying no to you, doesn’t mean you have to say no to yourself…

As long as I live
There’s more I can give, Its never enough
I’ll give anything but up!

As far as I go there’s one thing I know
It’s never too tough ooh no,
I’ll give anything but up!
/Hilary Duff/


— Right now I’m in a process, where I’m changing myself. I’m learning yoga now and I try to connect me with the cosmos, cause we are tied together with the Universe, we just need to find this connectin. So I’m gonna share my feelings about life with you, maybe they can help you to think your life through. Ask yourself: Am I happy with the way I am ? Isn’t there anything I want to change in my life? Am I ever going to be strong enough to reach my goals? – well, you can do it all. just learn.! —


There’s are many people that have major goals and dreams, but they hardly every reach them- why so? – you’ll ask… well, mostly cause of few reasons I’m gonna mention now :

1. Their ambitions are bigger than their ammunition;

2. They don’t want to achieve those goals as much as they say they do;

3. They waste too much time talking about what they want to do and they spend less time really working  for achievement;

4. After bragging about their goals and how they are going to achieve them, they’re out of energy and too devistated to concentrate on achievements;

5. People are too impatient, they want everything to happen on a magic snap of fingers, but that’s not how this works.


There are several things that are necessary in order to achieve something in your life, for example:

1. NEVER give up;

2. Forget such words as  I can’t , I’m too weak etc.;

3. Believe in yourself;

4. Surround yourself with people that wish you only the best;

5. Don’t take anything for granted  etc.. (..)

I mean everything’s much closer than you might think! First of all you need to focus and concentrate only on what you REALLY want to achieve, not what others think you need. It’s your life and you’re the boss of  your own consciousness . Secondly, you have to visualize how you achieve your goals, yes you read right – everything you visualize, do it as in present, not future. Then you have to save time for yourself, to just think and believe. You can change your life with just the power of your mind.


This is it for the first entry- if you got any questions or what you want to here about next, leave your comment bellow.