Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Hey, friends! 🙂 Merry Christmas and happy new year you all! I wish you all the best. Aristotle said that excellence is not an action, it’s a habit, so I wish it to become all of your habit! 🙂

Also I want to remind you that it’s never too late to change your life, make it better. Surround yourself with positive people, think more positively, follow your dreams, listen into your heart. But most importantly enjoy your life, cause nothing matters if you’re not happy. Stop complaining, stop blaming others and don’t try to find guilty person all the time. Stand up and face your fears. Stand up and say “Noone can mess with me, cause I’m way too strong to break down” . Believe in yourself, because, how can you expect someone to respect you if you don’t respect yourself? Also never explain yourself, your tears, your anger, your fears- because people who love wont need it, but people who don’t will not understand. Fear is part of nature, I know, but did you know that all the bad qualities come from fear. And at last I wish you to never judge people, never underestimate them. Love and be loved! Let excellence be your habit, see fear as your enemy.

“We are what we have thought. With our thoughts we make the world around us.”

“Never look down on people, unless you’re helping them up””


If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, build a door.

People sit and wait for everything to happen, I mean – faith is a nice thing, but you can’t rely on it that much. Sure everything in life happens for a reason, but shouldn’t you do something to wait for your result? All I’ve heard lately is just how something doesn’t happen, I dont mean to be rude or anything – but why should something happen? Everything in life is 99% practice, motion, action and only 1% is theory, so I don’t think you’ll get far by just waiting for your opportunity to knock on the door. Also what freaks me out is that people expect so much from others, but give so little themselves. You get what you give, right? And then , all the negative thinking. Raise your hand and say I if  you haven’t had any negative thoughts for last 24 hours, I doubt that’s even possible. But did you know, that we are what we have thought, and what we thought is who we are?  Also an interesting fact about consciousness is that today’s thoughts are 99% repetition of yesterday’s thoughts. Now that doesn’t look really pretty, does it? I just think people should be more positive. Smile! 🙂