sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where the heart takes you

        Have you ever noticed that people like knowing where their actions may lead them? Calculating, speculating every step of the way? But what they don’t realize that not everything in this world is meant to be calculable.  It’s nice knowing where will you be in 10, 15, 20 years, it’s even better to know where you may be in 10,15,20 years as a result of your action, but that’s just not how it works. See life doesn’t play by rules, it’s bluffing and raising the bet, it’s not cheating, but it is definately trying to exhaust you, it’s trying to overdrive you. And in that case trying to calculate or foresee the possible result is impossible, you’re trying but all you do is messing up your head and the heads of people around you. I think they spoil children in schools – algebra, geometry, economics, politics, physics etc. Everyone of as has at least once believed that in future robots will take over the world, what you probably don’t realize that it has already happened. People are not people anymore, they are calculating machines, manufacturers, it’s weird that we don’t see world in 1’s and 0’s yet, but that’s not so far away anymore. I don’t know what is worse thinking that the world may be destroyed by a volcano, sun, meteor or whatever one day, or if it happened as self-destruction. Living is not fighting for a house to buy, a car to drive a husband to marry, it’s about enjoying yourself, it’s about loving yourself, doing what you love to do and loving what you’re doing. See sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where the heart takes you – stop worrying for a second and enjoy life, stop focussing on the negative – be more cheerful, stop complaining all the time and relax. See sometimes you just have to accept the life the way it is and make the best of it…. sometimes you just got to live the moment fully… and sometimes you have to be yourself.