The issues of educational system in Latvia.

An owl represents knowledge. It is often used as the symbols of universities and high rank schools. It’s probably cause owl in many occasions remind us of people, this myth begun more than 2 thousand years ago. Nowadays owls are also an important part of lives of the students, unfortunately because of the nightlife. I’m not sure about the situation in other countries, but in Latvia, it is clearly visible that the education level decreases every year. Kids are not interested in learning as much as they are interested in alcohol, cigarettes and partying.

I must say that government is partially to blame for this situation. Government should provide good environment in schools, but instead it provides poor quality education, when only few schools in whole country are able to raise a generation of smart, educated and intelligent young people. I think we should make drastic changes in the dominant system of education. The educational goals in Latvia are providing the perfect electorate, which is basically preparing people who are educated, but not interested in the processes around them, not intelligent and highly prepared for buying even the cheapest propaganda provided by the government.

Also what should be a concern of the government are the outdated learning methods, which haven’t changed much since the Soviet times in Latvia, which ended in 1991. The Ministry of Education approve of amendments of several acts, but they all are just to chase after the European system. Unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Instead of taking care of the young generation, they are more interested in receiving EU funds to quickly put it in their pockets.

When interacting with my peers from different schools, I am frightened. Their view on the World around them is completely deformed, wrong and shallow. Most of them anyways. They believe that: “studying is lame”. Many decide that it is more useful to drink alcohol instead of attending school. Our system of Education supports the grading system performed in the range of 1 to 10. Students of my age are proud of failing 3 or 4 subjects, and barely passing all the rest. But bragging about how much they need to drink to get drunk is in style.

Also over the last few years more than 300 000 people have left Latvia, of  which most is the intelligence of Latvian society. Also too much resources are spent on financial aids for students, who after finishing higher education school, travel overseas to earn more money. I think government should decrease the financial aid, because there is no logical reason for financially supporting people who later support the economics of an another country.

It is a well known fact that Latvia has been strongly affected by the Economical crisis and is struggling ever since 2008. But neither current government nor the next generation will be able or even interested to improve the economic situation, because of the high rate of bribery and corruption, accompanied with poor education. Currently all moves of the government are expedient and serving the interest of oligarchy in Latvia.

The actual concern should be improving the system of education. What does the improvement entail? Firstly, the development of discipline in schools. Then a renovation of learning methods that are used. Also a complete development in the dominant system in universities, a renovation of information sources, practical use of  knowledge instead of just teaching theoretical part of the subjects learned.

A complete transformation of the financial aid in Latvia. It should cover the costs of adolescents that come from the low-income level of society. I would suggest include laws which could include demanding obligated years of working in Latvia after graduating with  financial support from the Latvian government.

More serious punishments for violation of the school rules are required. Invent a motivating wage system for teachers, that may be influenced by the results shown by the students of the particular teacher.

In this article I mentioned only a few of the concerns of the system of Education in Latvia, there are many more because as much as I hate to say this – the educational system of my homeland is under every requirement. And I know if no action will be taken now, the situation will only get worse and before we even know it we may again be overtaken by Russia or other country.


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