about the 80/20, which turned out to be bullshit ;)

    If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ve probably noticed that I used to say that you can eat sweets and whatever you want as long as you follow the 80/20 principle. Well, this time I’m here to tell you that all was a big bullshit. I liked to believe that I could still drink coffee, alcohol or eat chocolate cake or at McDonalds as long as I followed the principle and counted my calories. Well, let me tell you – that was a lie. I didn’t lie on purpose, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I misled myself and you all from the right track. See, the truth is –  you can exercise as much as you want, you can eat as less as you want, but you will NEVER lose weight permanently if you don’t change your eating habits completely. You need to commit to a life long healthy life style filled with healthy meals, outdoor activities etc.
    I can imagine you thinking  : “but that’s impossible”, well not to sound rude but the only thing I can tell you is – suck it up, baby. I did. You can chose fit body or Cheeseburger, you can choose turning heads when you walk through the door or you can choose a piece of cake. Your choice. Many of us, overweight people, don’t really want to lose weight – we just kind of want it, and that is our biggest problem.
    See, after having this battle with myself over and over again I realized that I will hate myself after that cake or after that bigMac, but I will love myself with that fit body I’m going for. And after all am I really that weak to lose a war with food?Like, seriously? No. I’m taking a stand against my weaknesses. I made a special list of enemy foods, which contain such things as alcohol, coca cola (any kind), cheesecake (my favorite cake), ice cream (ben&jerry’s – bye bye), coffee drinks (oh no, no more starbucks and costa 😦 ), bread, hot-dogs, fried potatoes and so on. I know I might not be able to quit everything immediately, so when I do take a coke, I  take a can instead of a bottle and drink only a half of it, so basically, instead of the usual amount of 0,5, I drink only 0,15. That’s an improvement I think. And see, I believe that this way – I WILL lose the weight. It can’t be differently, I mean – I am living a healthy life-style, why wouldn’t I become what I want?

what we think, we become /Buddha


Keep on trying! 🙂


You’re the queen of the superficial

     So there’s this thought constantly running through my mind. If you’re human, I can surely say that at least once in your life you’ve made fun of someone ( maybe not to their faces, but still..)… But who are we to laugh at someone? Do you know their story? Do you know why the girl in your class is fat? Do you know why the boy from your school is crying?

    See I took a day off the life in my throne of superficiality and for the whole day whenever I saw a person I had at lest 10 versions of his/her possible story. Couldn’t make fun of anyone because I know my story. I know people may make fun of me, even though they don’t know it. See, that is a vicious circle. People especially girls that are known as prettier than others are often very superficial. But it’s not the people that are ugly or not as pretty, it’s society that’s fucked up. Don’t you see it?

    Let’s take a look at an example. So this girl below is a model. She is beautiful. But still there are people who will see her picture and say – she’s too thin, she’s too fat, her lips are too massive, her hair is messy.



       Also remarks like

1) “Oh, my god, Angelina Jolie is too thin, she may be anorexic”

2)  “Paris Hilton colored her hair but she doesn’t look a dime smarter”

3) “Chloe Kardashian has put on too much weight”

–> How are these any of your businesses? Mind your own life. Stop being superficial and judgmental. Nobody asked you, mrs./mr. Perfect. Just think before you speak.

“Winners find a way, losers find an excuse”

     So the beach season is coming and many of us are thinking the same old thing again “I need to get ready for the swimsuit season”. Well, I’m here to help you with finding your motivation, diet plan, work out plan and just feel great.

     Buying a membership in a gym isn’t the first step yet…. believe me. The first step is finding your motivation… you may think you have a motivation and it looks somewhat this :


… although that is great motivation… you still need a little boost. I got mine by purchasing the most adorable NIKE gym clothes I could find. I feel happy to just put them on and I feel like working out instantly.

     Also, you can’t just pop up in the gym for the first time and work out… it doesn’t work that way. You need a work out plan, because just doing something ends up worse than doing nothing.. Ask the people who work there where should you start, that’s the reason why they are there:)

     So…ok, you’re at the gym… you’re working out and you feel like your legs are starting to slow down and you can’t find your strength anymore…. download and listen to this motivational video… it is the best motivation I’ve ever seen –> https://jennrocksyourworld.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/how-bad-do-you-want-it/

     Also, make sure you make your own work-out playlist full of music that motivates you to keep going. I, for example, put the video mentioned above in the playlist in several copies, so I hear it more often.

     Just working out isn’t enough to get fit… You can work out all you want, but if you keep eating at McDonalds 2 times a day – you will still be fat. The best diet is calorie counting… find out your BMI and the calories you need to consume every day to achieve your goal weight. Eat whatever you want, but NEVER exceed your calorie count.

     The most important thing is to remember : “When you feel like giving up, remember why you were holding on for so long”…. also : “Don’t you dare to complain about being fat and then go and eat a pack of chips” … and finally remember this :  ” Do you want to be sexy? Or do you want to eat french fries? – which would make you happier in the long term? – you’d eat your fries and then hate yourself, but you’ll never regret skipping the fries when you get fit.”:)

Being nice to those you don’t like, is not called being two faced, it’s called growing up. You should try that, bitch. :)

We all know that we can never like everyone and never be liked by everyone, right? But is your dislike for somebody good enough reason to ruin the job they have done? The success they have achieved? or the holiday they have earned? In this post, I just want to share my thoughts on this topic with you and hopefully make you one of those few people out there who are not afraid to say what you really think.

Firstly, I would like to point out that it is OK for you not to like somebody for as long as there is a reason. Hating someone you don’t know (like – OMG, Eva Mendez is dating Ryan Gosling – I HATE HER. I WILL KILL HER.) or just like that (oh, she’s fat bitch, stupid damn tart) – these are not reasons and never will be. That is just you being a mean person.

In addition, I want to point out that revenge is never worth it. The best way to hurt the person that doesn’t like you, is being happy and confident, and just ignorant about their attempts to ruin spoil your day.  Just be nice to them. These people, especially if they are often trying to hurt you without you even knowing that, they are losers. That is the description of a weak ,unstable and mean person right there – in front of you. Just be nice, smile and keep smiling because nobody has the right to ruin your day. Nobody actually can ruin your day, except you, the way you perceive a situation, a person or a problem. It’s all about perception.

Also, by doing this, you will make others see her as the “bad guy” here, because all you will be is nice, but she still keeps talking behind your back and other mean and harmful things. And when all you do about is – is laugh and say that it doesn’t matter nor do you care – others will start to see her in a whole new light. See, that way you can have your revenge without even trying to, without doing anything wrong.

And the most important thing to remember is – never act while angry – those are the times we make most mistakes, times we regret the most. Just cool down your head – go for a run, for a walk, just listen to your favorite CD and calm down, and then think about what I told you. Sure, it won’t be the fastest way to make her miserable, but it will most certainly be the most long-lasting one. 🙂

And this is me saying it out of all 7 billion people, me, who likes justice or what I like to call justice. So maybe it is worth considering next time when you feel like hating someone.:)

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

For past few weeks or even months I’ve been telling myself I’m exhausted from all the things that I’ve been doing, only now I realize I’m exhausted from not doing enough. You may wonder how is it even possible, well it is. I’ve always considered myself an ambitious person, well but there is a necessity for a munition that equals the ambition. And apparently I’ve been trying to kill someone with an empty bullet. I had forgotten how much I need to keep moving forward, keep succeeding to be happy. I’ve lost my confidence and I put the blame on the wrong reasons. I know finally realize that I had forgotten to be the person I taught myself to be, I had forgotten who I am and was someone I was not instead.

There are a lot of ways to keep my life the way I want it, but in long term I know very well what I want  – I  want success. And I can’t gain that by sitting at Starbucks or chilling at Cinnabon with my friends. I don’t know how it started, I guess the same old story – being desperate to fit in, oh well, fuck that. I’m the only one responsible for my life yesterday, today and tomorrow. And I am the one who needs to take action to complete my needs and wants.

Of course I can’t deny that I have changed due to recent events in my life, but I can’t let myself to fall to the shallow life of people who only care about today…. I don’t think you should be focusing on future all the time, but how does calling procrastination cool makes you cool? How does not studying make you cool? And I somehow started believing it is. And so what if it is ? I’m not going for ‘cool’, I’m going for “success” .

Yes, I like to party but at the same time I like to work hard and see the results of my work. But I’ve let myself drop to the level where nobody will ever trust me anything important in this company. ISN’T IT ALL I NEVER WANTED TO HAPPEN? WHAT HAVE I DONE? From this day on I’ll party hard but work even harder. Cause for those who do not have workdays, they don’t have Sundays either. I hope you get where I’m coming from.

I don’t know why every time I seem to have found my way, I always lose it, but I always do. And that is the main thing I have to change in my attitude… in my actions.

See a little while ago I found the most motivating video I had ever seen, I felt guilty for going to sleep and not doing more… well…. as usual, it was 3 days of hard work and then I slipped again… Why? I don’t know. But if I continue this way, I will be studying in University of Latvia instead of Brown or Pennsylvania or some other IVY league school.

If I don’t take action now, average is all I’m ever going to be. And that is not enough. I’m not saying I’ll stop having fun, no, but I will earn the fun with hard, hard work. Not starting today or tomorrow or a week from now. But NOW. Right now. Now.