Inhaling the breath of Barcelona

From the minute I stepped my foot in the city of Barcelona, I felt that I was there to fall in love. Not necessarily with a good looking Spanish man this time, but the city itself. I felt something magical about Barcelona, which repeatedly reminded me of a movie I had seen earlier that year : “Vicky Christina Barcelona”. Around every corner you could find something to make you want to stay for a while and while more, so that forever didn’t seem enough. As I was walking down Las Ramblas, one of the most iconic streets in Europe, a good looking man, approaching his third decade of age, walked up to me, saying that he thought my dress was one of the most interesting things he had seen in a long time. After having run from creepy men all day, his mysterious smile somehow made me slow down and participate in a conversation, and was later glad I did. That was the night I truly fell in love with Barcelona. He took me to places I would have never found, places which are not on the tourist guides they try to sell to you on every corner, places, which made you recharge just by standing there. And so I did. On the narrow streets of the old city, between drunken men and prostitutes, between men trying to sell you marijuana and policemen trying to catch these men, there was a magical atmosphere in the air. Accompanied by the euphonious sound of the Spanish guitar, I walked by the old buildings, the old churches, which seemed to hold so much history in them. The corners of my mind running through the possible scenes the buildings had seen and the stories they had to tell. But they remained silent. So I sat down. As I was sitting in an incredible place tucked away from the eyes of the tourists, I started to hear the whispering of the history, the whispers of what had made famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudi, Joan Miro, Domenech I Montaner, love this city to their bones. Even when alone, it is impossible to feel lonely, as it is also an amazing place to search for yourself, an incredible city for your spiritual journey. Great food, great architecture, great wine and lots of amazing Spanish people… If you’re up for a bohemian vacation, I’d advise you to find pleasure in everything Barcelona has to offer. As a person who has traveled since childhood, the places not on the tourist guides are the ones I admire the most, although I’ll give it to you – Gaudi architecture is phenomenal! My two favorites was Casa de Battlo, the interesting appearance living house in the heart of Passea de Garcia, of which the history and the story is even more interesting than its physical uniqueness and Park Guell, which was also a great place to spend a lazy Saturday smoking a cigarette and sipping wine (sadly, illegally) after a long week at work. As ironic as this may sound, the only thing I didn’t like about Barcelona, was the tourists. So many different tongues, so many different temperaments, which mixed up in a not very logical and esthetic ways, and made the city appear more Chicago, less romantic Barcelona. The saddest part of the trip? Definitely the good-byes to the places I had so close to my heart already. But not to worry. I’ll come back for you, Barcelona.


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