“After all of my running… I’m finally coming…Home “

She was an extraordinary girl. She had always enjoyed traveling, the further she went, the more she felt at home. They say home is where the heart is and in her home-land her heart had been shattered in million pieces and constantly was being stomped on. It was only her second day here, but she already felt completely peaceful. I guess a part of that was in the fact that she was staying here indefinitely. She was here now and it was all that mattered. She was walking through the narrow Gothic streets alone, but for the first time didn’t feel lonely. She sat down on a brick fence near a medieval church and took in the calming, beautiful air of the warm midsummer night. Some people approached her asking if she was lost or wanted to go to a great place just close by, but she wasn’t interested in communicating, because for the first time in a long while she enjoyed just being with herself. After an hour, which flew by like 5 minutes, she continued her walk, when she saw a breathtaking view . There was something she couldn’t identify – it looked like some castle, but she wasn’t sure if it was and not that it mattered too. She had somehow escaped the seemingly endless crowd of tourists who had traveled here from all parts of the World and saw a little cafe with a terrace right on the square in front of what she had identified as a castle. While walking towards the square, she noticed a man sitting and playing her beloved Spanish guitar and she was instantly enchanted. She sat down at a table with a great view over the lighted castle windows and ordered a glass of red wine. She sat there, alone, but for the first time fulfilled. That’s when she realized that home is where you feel good with just your own company. Today she was home and she had never slept better than she did that night, because no matter what happened next she would have the memory and the place to go and seek escape. She was home.


I’m coming home ❤


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