How to : fuck up your life before turning 18

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Being nice to those you don’t like, is not called being two faced, it’s called growing up. You should try that, bitch. :)

We all know that we can never like everyone and never be liked by everyone, right? But is your dislike for somebody good enough reason to ruin the job they have done? The success they have achieved? or the holiday they have earned? In this post, I just want to share my thoughts on this topic with you and hopefully make you one of those few people out there who are not afraid to say what you really think.

Firstly, I would like to point out that it is OK for you not to like somebody for as long as there is a reason. Hating someone you don’t know (like – OMG, Eva Mendez is dating Ryan Gosling – I HATE HER. I WILL KILL HER.) or just like that (oh, she’s fat bitch, stupid damn tart) – these are not reasons and never will be. That is just you being a mean person.

In addition, I want to point out that revenge is never worth it. The best way to hurt the person that doesn’t like you, is being happy and confident, and just ignorant about their attempts to ruin spoil your day.¬† Just be nice to them. These people, especially if they are often trying to hurt you without you even knowing that, they are losers. That is the description of a weak ,unstable and mean person right there – in front of you. Just be nice, smile and keep smiling because nobody has the right to ruin your day. Nobody actually can ruin your day, except you, the way you perceive a situation, a person or a problem. It’s all about perception.

Also, by doing this, you will make others see her as the “bad guy” here, because all you will be is nice, but she still keeps talking behind your back and other mean and harmful things. And when all you do about is – is laugh and say that it doesn’t matter nor do you care – others will start to see her in a whole new light. See, that way you can have your revenge without even trying to, without doing anything wrong.

And the most important thing to remember is – never act while angry – those are the times we make most mistakes, times we regret the most. Just cool down your head – go for a run, for a walk, just listen to your favorite CD and calm down, and then think about what I told you. Sure, it won’t be the fastest way to make her miserable, but it will most certainly be the most long-lasting one. ūüôā

And this is me saying it out of all 7 billion people, me, who likes justice or what I like to call justice. So maybe it is worth considering next time when you feel like hating someone.:)

Your stomach shouldn’t be a waist basket. ~

Hey everyone! I’m here to share you the best weight loosing tips I’ve found and/or used myself, which really work. 20 tips from which if you used 5 or 10, you’d already begin a right path. Hope it helps!:)

1.¬†Find your REAL motivation… Many people suggest that you imagine how great you’d look or how much attention you may get but that one never seemed to work for me.. .well it did at first but I never stayed motivated for a long time.

2.¬†Learn to accept your flaws in order to change them.¬†Especially if you’re one of the “eat to cure pain” people then this is exactly your key to succesfully loosing weight. If you’re happy and not focused on the overweight you have as the worst thing that could possibly happen to anyone, you will more likely to realize that the only reason you should get fit is¬†FOR YOURSELF. And why exactly would this cause you problems? If you think you look good already you will more likely easily look even better when you don’t feel that loosing weight is your number one priority but just another step into making yourself the person you want to see.

3. When you’re on a diet, don’t think of it that way.¬†Don’t say¬†“oh no , I can’t eat potatoes, cause I’m on a diet”, instead of that try saying ” I’ve recently begun practising a healthier lifestyle and this food is not really healthy for me”

4. Don’t think that when you’re on a diet you have to eat this low fat products, that’s a lie. You have to find delicious foods that are low fat and low calories. I will share some good recipes some other day, so prepare to see how delicious can loosing weight be.

5. If you don’t like to excersise, go for a swim and instead of fooling around in the pool, swim back and forward for 10 minutes straight or, for example, ride a bike on the beach with your friend, it will be a good excersise and also a good time. Remember that excersising is not only doing push ups and sit ups but it’s a really wide term. Volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, golf, bowling, tennis, swimming, biking, running,¬†WALKING, dancing – these are all excersises. My biggest advice would be to avoid sports you don’t like because you will soon loose motivation and also when you do this sport don’t think about loosing your weight but about being the best in the sport or excersise. And one more thing – you should excersise on a daily basis (not only while you’re overweight but after that as well), even walking is okay as long as you do it daily.¬†Don’t go without an excersise more than 2 days straight under any circumstances.¬†

6.¬†Take photos of yourself.¬†Take a photo with yourself before the program and then do it every 5 days so you can visually see the progress you’re making because otherwise you see the scales show less but you see no improvement at all, I’ve been there, I know what the feeling is like when you feel like you’re doing so much and nothing happens, so now I use this method.

7. I don’t know if it is just me but while I’m on vacation (now I’m in Spain for example) and it really hot outside I just don’t feel like eating. What should you do? I do the following – I drink much liquid. You need to drink¬†at least 8 glasses of water.¬†Well that seems a lot right? Well, imagine if you drunk one glass of water every hour you’re awake. It isn’t too hard to drink a glass in an hour, right? .. then once a day I eat salad with salad cream, it is healthy but still has enough calories for me to go without eating more.

8. If you’re a coca-cola addict like me, choose coca-cola¬†LIGHT¬†instead of any other. Why? It has less sugar in it (and as we know – sugar is your worst enemy) and it has less calories, it’s still not healthy but it’s so much better, there are many popular diets that¬†ALLOW¬†coca-cola light but absolutely don’t support any other soft drink.

9. Don’t think that while you’re on your healthy path to the ideal weight you are not allowed to eat grilled chicken for example. Just¬†don’t add¬†oil or fats.¬†AVOID¬†ketchup! You can eat any fish and almost every meat if you just prepare it right.

10. One of the most important things in loosing weight or being healthy is a good night sleep. Did you know that¬†sleeping hours from 10pm-12am each is like two hours of sleep later in night? Basically when you sleep from 10 to 12 you have slept 4 hours not 2, but, for example, 12 to 2 is already only 2 hours. If you have problems with sleep like me, drink tea before you go to sleep, do yoga, breathing excersises.¬†ABSOLUTELY¬†don’t go to bed right after you’ve watched TV or sat at the computer. I went to a sleep-doctor and she said me that is the most absurd thing to do.

11. This one works for most of people, all the other just think this is stupid.Buy yourself an expensive dress or suit in the size your goal is to be, because if you buy a cheap one it wont motivate you in getting in that piece of clothing.

12.¬†If you decide to take running as your excersise, listen to your i-pod¬†while running, think about the song not the miles you’re running, it really helps to improve your performance. How? Easy, all problems are the problems we make ourselves – by saying I can’t, I couldn’t, no way I can..

13.¬†Take a little post-it note and write on your goal, simply, for example, 57kg’s, 130lbs, HAPPY etc. and stick it on your desk computer or whatever. ABSOLUTELY DO : write a sentece on a post-it note¬†” Every time you choose a chocolate biscuit instead of an apple, you choose to be fat”¬†. Let that sentece rule your life.

14.Read the book¬†Paul Bragg “The miracle of fasting”¬†– it is an absolutely amazing way to clean your body from all the poision it has, all the hormones, nicotine or whatever. I’m not saying YOU HAVE to do this, just read it and if you still don’t feel like doing it fine.

15.Avoid eating in restaurants and caffes because it is the safest way to gaining weight.¬†What to do if you have to go out to eat? There are two options¬†– first one eat¬†celeries, they are miracle workers, they break down fat in you body, eat celeries after every meal. I personally hate celeries that’s why me and my mom found an alternative to that one. There are these pills that very very natural and they work, they are like celeries packed in one little pill. The pills are called “liposinol“. The minus? Really expensive.

16. Don’t obsess over scale. You have to weigh yourself daily, yes, but not every few hours.¬†The best way of finding out the most precise reading of your weight, you have to weigh yourself every morning, at the same time, before eating, dry, and either always before going to bathroom or after.¬†FOR WOMEN¬†: about 1 week before your menstruations you may gain 2-4lbs but don’t freak out, they will dissapear after your menstruations are over.

17.¬†Find an alternative to eating.¬†People usually eat a lot when they’re bored, when they have nothing to do. You can join a bookclub, study a language, even play poker to keep you from eating.

18. 50% of the time when people THINK they are hungry, they are actually just thirsty.

19. If you say “I’m fat and I’m not able to lose weight”, you’re right. Buddha saying is that we and the world around as are what we think.Positive thinking is also an important part of your weight-loss program.

20. Every time you want to give up, remember why were you holding on for so long. 

‚ÄúEvery accomplishment starts with the decision to try.‚ÄĚ

Hey, everyone. I know I haven’t posted anything for a while now, but I just needed to clear my head… I have so much to say… So this post consists of 2 parts, in part 1 I talk about what’s happening in my life, about my dreams, and my goals etc. but part 2 is philosophical – as usual – about changes [this time I suggest them]… so if you don’t care about my life and what’s on my mind, you might as well skip part 1. ūüôā

[part 1]

So remember my post “impatience” ? Well, everything worked out for me. So I am an example how everything and anything that seems impossible can easily become your reality, it just depends on how determined you are…I was doing everything I can to achieve this….and now all the crazy and unreachable dreams of mine are a step or two closer…in a very reachable way… So I know what I have to do now…and what I’m going to do now… I’ve never been more sure… Let me to introduce you to my new lifestyle

First of all after I reach one goal, I will chose and go for another, because that way I keep my life full of challenges…and I keep on developing myself..Now that I’ve reached this, I have time until september to lose 16lbs(8kg), and I can do it, I know it, I will run 1,8miles (3km) every day, plus I will eat more healthy. (btw check out this diet plan – it is TOTALLY WORKING, I swear – DUKAN DIET¬†) you don’t have to pay the money though, I can email you a free ebook of the diet plan if you need. ūüôā just post below your e-mail, and I’ll send it to you within 24 hours. ūüôā

Secondly, starting with june 10th I will work on becoming more organized, I’ll never leave anything to the last moment..Next year I’m going to be a straight-A-student , plus I’ll learn Spanish.

At last, but not least – as soon as I finish my current goal plan (what I’ve mentioned above) ” ready for the IB” – I will set the next goal…and with every step I go – I will get closer to feeling good about myself, my abilities, my achievements and success… I will be the person I’ve always wanted to be – the best me.


[part 2]

This time I’m not here to talk about self-acceptance or self-belief, no, I’m here to talk about fulfilling yourself.. We try to tell everyone that you are happy the way you are, you even try to convince yourself…Then in the “rainy” days, you realize that you’re unhappy, you don’t feel as beautiful as you claim to be… But what we never realize is that those “rainy” days are gifts from above… those are the times you should finally realize- that you need to change something… It’s hard to change your little habits, little flaws… but change your whole life.. .your lifestyle… Dare to be someone else in order to find yourself.. Dress as if you were the only person in the world, sing as if you were the only person in the room, dance as if nobody was watching, laugh as if nobody was hurting you…Dare to be crazy and outgoing….Dare to be quiet and reserved…Dare to be self-confident and emphatic…Dare to be the opposite to the every day you… Look at the small things…think about the details…be a perfectionist…Cause every self-loving woman needs to feel as graceful as a movie star, as beautiful as a supermodel and as happy as person in love…because if you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you…You don’t need to loose those pounds because of someone else, no, you need to loose them if YOU yourself feel like it…you don’t need to be an athlete because someone else wants you to be one, you must want to be one yourself… that is the secret- DO WHAT YOU WAN’T TO DO, INSTEAD OF WHAT OTHERS THINK YOU HAVE TO DO! – that’s the secret for happiness.


p.s. I have a question… Do you want me to post my progress on losing weight? I guarantee tips that are cheap ( the cost of food) , I’ll give the e-books for free etc. ūüôā Do you think it’s necessary? Please answer below. ūüôā¬†


sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where the heart takes you

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Have you ever noticed that people like knowing where their actions may lead them? Calculating, speculating every step of the way? But what they don’t realize that not everything in this world is meant¬†to be¬†calculable.¬† It’s nice knowing where will you be¬†in 10, 15, 20 years, it’s even better to know where you may be¬†in 10,15,20 years as a result of your action, but that’s just not how it works. See life doesn’t play by rules, it’s bluffing and raising the bet, it’s not cheating, but it is definately¬†trying to exhaust you, it’s trying to overdrive you. And in that case trying to calculate or foresee the possible result is impossible, you’re trying but all you do is messing up your head and the heads of people around you. I think they spoil children in schools – algebra, geometry, economics, politics, physics etc. Everyone of as has at least once believed that in future robots will take over the world, what you probably don’t realize that it has already happened. People are not people anymore, they are calculating machines, manufacturers, it’s weird that we don’t see world in¬†1’s and 0’s yet, but that’s not so far away anymore. I don’t know what is worse thinking that the world may be¬†destroyed by a volcano, sun, meteor or whatever one day, or if it happened as self-destruction. Living is not fighting for a house to buy, a car to drive a husband to marry, it’s about enjoying yourself, it’s about loving yourself, doing what you love¬†to do and loving what you’re doing. See sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where the heart takes you – stop worrying for a second and enjoy life, stop focussing on the negative – be more cheerful, stop complaining all the time and relax. See sometimes you just have to accept the life the way it is and make the best of it…. sometimes you just got to live the moment fully… and sometimes you have to be yourself.

Diary of life: entry 3: ‚ÄúWhen you need something to believe in, start with yourself.‚ÄĚ

Today there are lot of thoughts running in my head.. I’ve changed everything – I’ve changed myself, I’ve changed my plans and I’ve changed my mind. So idea for this post comes from my essay, no, not because I write this in my essay, but, because of my mark, because of the way I did it. So this school year is very important, I promised myself to do every single homework, listen to teachers, study hard and get great grades… And when we had to write an essay, the first lesson of the school year, I just believed that I could do it, I told myself I can do it, and I did it. I always had problems with my latvian grammar, but here I was, I wrote the whole thing great, I was surprised by myself, it was like a moment of oblivilion. I realized that we can do so much more than we think we can, we have to believe DO! We have to try our best, not seek the fastest way out of problems. Stressing won’t help, believe me, so today I want to give you this quote that totally runs my life now, I feel great and my grades are great:

¬†“Your success depends mainly upon what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself.‚ÄĚ

Diary of life : entry 2 : Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. –Anonymous

When you make mistakes you are most alike human, but when you forgive you’re most alike god



How many times have we asked someone to forgive us? And how many times have we forgiven others?


We always expect others to forgive us the biggest mistakes, while at the same time we can’t forgive others tiny crimes. And now just tell me – that this is false!

There are few good reasons why you should always forgive and why you should be forgiven to:.

Forgive because.. :

1. Everyone wants a blank page, give them one more chance to prove that they can do it better.

2. People make mistakes and you know it, cause they are only human.

3. By being angry with someone you don’t do as bad to them as you do to yourself, cause negative energy trashes your organism.

4. Remember that there’s no smoke without fire, so most likely you are the one to blame as much as the other person.

5. Everytime you think bad about someone, somebody else does the same about you. It’s the power of cosmos energy.


be forgiven because :

1. You feel sorry for what you did, because you know you were wrong.

2. You take a step forward to a person that doensn’t know what¬†he’s doing if he doesn’t forgive you

remember¬†:¬† Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing. /Jesus/

Forgiving is an art, it’s a way of showing how mature you really are and what’s inside your soul…



1. You should always forgive easily. Of course, I’m not saying that you should forgive unfaitfulness etc. in a moment, then you can take your time and you can go your own way, but still you need to forgive the other person in your heart, cause otherwise¬† you can never¬†really move on with your life…

2.¬† Don’t ever tell people you forgive them when you don’t, cause that only makes them AND YOU more hurt

3. Never forgive people only when you need something from them and never be  but-kissy cause the other person is not an idiot..


Being in a fight is OK as long as you remember that you have to forgive or ask for forgiveness yourself when you feel like it, cause no one needs empty words.. Forgiveness is not about asking or saying yes, it’s about proving that you’re relationship with the other person is more important than your pride!


Like they say in Leads – Live and let live!


Diary of life : entry 1: Just because people keep saying no to you, doesn’t mean you have to say no to yourself…

As long as I live
There’s more I can give, Its never enough
I’ll give anything but up!

As far as I go there’s one thing I know
It’s never too tough ooh no,
I’ll give anything but up!
/Hilary Duff/


— Right now I’m in a process, where I’m changing myself. I’m learning yoga now and I try to connect me with the cosmos, cause we are tied together with the Universe, we just need to find this connectin.¬†So I’m gonna share my feelings about life with you, maybe they can help you to think your life through. Ask yourself: Am I happy with the way I am ? Isn’t there anything I want to change in my life? Am I ever going to be strong enough to reach my goals? – well, you can do it all. just learn.! —


There’s are many people that have major goals and dreams, but they hardly every reach them- why so? – you’ll ask… well, mostly cause of few reasons I’m gonna mention now :

1. Their ambitions are bigger than their ammunition;

2.¬†They don’t want to achieve those goals as much as they say they do;

3. They waste too much time talking about what they want to do and they spend less time really working  for achievement;

4. After bragging about their goals and how they are going to achieve them, they’re out of energy and too devistated to concentrate on achievements;

5. People are too impatient, they want everything to happen on a magic snap of fingers, but that’s not how this works.


There are several things that are necessary in order to achieve something in your life, for example:

1. NEVER give up;

2. Forget such words as¬† I can’t , I’m too weak etc.;

3. Believe in yourself;

4. Surround yourself with people that wish you only the best;

5. Don’t take anything for granted¬† etc.. (..)

I mean everything’s much closer than you might think! First of all you need to focus and concentrate only on what you REALLY want to achieve, not what others think you need. It’s your life and you’re the boss of¬† your own consciousness . Secondly, you have to visualize how you achieve your goals, yes you read right – everything you visualize, do it as in present, not future. Then you have to save time for yourself, to just think and believe. You can change your life with just the power of your mind.


This is it for the first entry- if you got any questions or what you want to here about next, leave your comment bellow.