10 movies that you will remember always

This is the second post in my series of the 10’s. It’s the list of movies I personally and my friends can’t forget even after years after watching it.


10. Titanic.

Of course, Titanic. It is a movie everyone has seen. Some say it’s beautiful, some say it’s banal, some love it and some hate, but everyone knows what it’s about and everyone knows the story.


9. Slumdog millionare.

Movie that uses the famous game “Who wants to be a millionare”. Even though it’s about a tv game, it is so much more than that. It tells about the hard youth of and indian guy who grew up in a slumdog village and went through a lot just to stay alive and fight for the one he loved. Unforgettable.


8. The Bodyguard.

The extremely famous movie with Whitney Houston in the main role. The movie where one of the greatest love sons of all time was born “I will always love you”. Movie that is about love without expectations, giving up your love to help your beloved one. Breathtaking and heartbreaking story that can’t leave you half-hearted.


7. Forrest Gump

Who hasn’t seen Forrest Gump? It is one of the must-see movies, because the quotations are used everywhere. “Run Forest, run.” “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.””. Who hasn’t heard these quotes? That’s why Forrest Gump will never be forgotten.


6.  The Silence of The Lambs.

A psychological movie that is completely sick and completely genius. Amazing effect.


5. Remember me.

I know, I know. Robert Pattinson. I have never been a fan of his, but the moment I saw this movie, he convinced me that he is a good actor after all. It appears that he can be more than the poorly played Edward Cullen. The story is amazing. It is about every day life in a complicated relationship families, how their worlds collide. The moment you get into the story, you are feeling the emotions the movie gives you, there is a dramatic turn that completely blows you away. I have seen this movie several times, yes, that is how much I loved it, during the first watching time I was crying for an hour after the movie ended, on the second and third time I was crying even more. I personally think that this movie is genius just because of the unexpected twist after the resolve.


4. Cruel Intentions

The movie that is sarcastic, ironic, funny and sad at the same time. The characters are bright and the family is very extravagant. It is the kind of movie you can try to relate to and just sit back and enjoy, but at the same time shed a tear at the end of the movie.


3. A walk to remember/ Keith

These movies share the 3rd place cause the stories are very similar and both heartbreaking. These are the kind of movies that will make you think of what you have instead of what you lack, they will make you appreciate your life, health and situation for at least a little while. But the movie is stuck in your memory.


2. Dumb and Dumber

Many people think this movie is genius and it becomes their favorite movie, I personally think it is a dumb, pointless and brainwashing crap that is as dumb as the people displayed in it. But I remember it. So do the people who love it. You can hate it, but it will stay in your mind.


1. Black Swan

After watching this movie you can experience a variety of different emotions : disbelief, disgust, confusion or even paranoia, but it will definitely be remembered. The unusual story summed with the amazing work of the producers is completely out of this World. It may take days to suck all the information in, but in the end it will be really sharp in your memory, no matter if you liked it or not.