So during the holiday season I had become lazy – didn’t exercise, ate too much too often too unhealthy. Then I had my new years resolution – Lose everything this time. So for 4 days, ever since 2nd of January, been exercising intensively and eating less and drinking water more again. I found my motivation, a picture of me as a fat kid, from way back in the beginning of 2009, so the picture makes me laugh but it still motivates me. Amazing. Also motivating is the fact that when I show it to somebody, no one believes it’s even me. So anyways, tonight I decided to exercise for 2 hours straight – I did hula hooping, I did sit-ups, I did groove dancing (fitness mode) and so on. I feel so revived now. All I can feel is energy going through me – incredible feeling. I hope that this feeling helps me to motivate me for further progress. I’m worried about how will I find time for this after holidays end, but that is already another story.  But I just wanted to share this incredible feeling with you. And of course, I’ll keep you posted on the progress. 🙂