No longer will I be the girl that lives for assholes, no longer will I be the person to be lied to and manipulated.

Did I tell you already that I’m no longer am going to complain about people?  yeah, well. I realized that my life is what I make it and no one can ruin it for me. I have to stop being so polite, I have to do what I want to do instead of pleasing others. I will not wait for someone to invite me somewhere, I am going to invite others, because I want to keep the friendships that are important to me…. Screw people who are there to be haters or backstabbing bitches, that doesn’t affect me anymore. This is my crazy year, and the first crazy thing I am going to do is that I will let go all the people that provide negativity in my world. Then I am going to talk to the people I want not worrying about what at could do to my reputation. I am sick and tired of complaining, I will do something about it instead. This is a new, happier me. You may say I am egoistic, but after all this is my life and it is all about me. It doesn’t mean I am not going to help people anymore! No, I will, but I will also demand things that make me happy. Life is too short to worry about all the people who are not there for you too, people who use you. Look around you, life is beautiful, no matter how tough the road is, in the end it will always be worth it, if you enjoy life and control it yourself. I have to repeat myself again – LOVE YOURSELF, CAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING, MY DARLING! :))))


What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.

The other day I told my friend “you don’t even know me”, she answered “Neither do you.”. That was really a moment of enlightenment for me. What is knowing yourself exactly? I mean I know what I like to eat, I know what I want to do, where I want to go, I do know myself well. Heck no. All my years of life (not too many thank god) I’ve spent hating myself, looking for flaws in myself, not being happy with who I am, trying to change myself. But how can I do either of those if I don’t actually know who I am? That’s not fair, now, is it? So let’s start with how to find a way to getting to know yourself.

I know I often accuse people for being egoistic and self-centred. But what really is egoist? Egoist is a person who doesn’t let people act selfishly on them. So basically being an egoist is a good thing ( reasonably of course). ‘Changing yourself”, ‘loving yourself’ – these are some strong words, so we may start with ‘knowing yourself’ first, right?

What is knowing yourself? Knowing yourself means understanding where you stand in life, where you want to go with your life and who are you in life. Life is what you make it, so make it rock! If person complains all the time, that person right there is going to be miserable. If you think of what you have instead of what you don’t, you will be happier right away. No, no don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to do too much of that (like – “oh my god, thank you so much for stealing my BMW, it suits you so much better.” – that would be insane. Again as always I may sound controversial but we have to see the situation from all the angles, right? (I believe I’ve mentioned this one in one of my earlier posts). Anyways, I believe that qualities people don’t like in others are often what they don’t like in themselves. So basically  your subconscious knows you, because that is you. But not many people can connect with their inner selves. It is possible but hard.

If you are not very self-confident, you may want to think why first. Because people think you are not beautiful enough? not fit enough? WHO CARES? Did you know that you means the inner person, not the physical body. I know FEW (no, not two or three, more than that) people who may not be the ‘prom queens’, but they are so joyful, so happy, their smile really brightens everything, and that makes them beautiful, the glow that surrounds them.

Screw what people say. It’s not about them, it’s about you.. You can take the best care of yourself, make your hair, your nails, dress beautifuly, smile, be bright, that is going to make you more phisically appealing. But what you should know – never lose the inside beauty of yourself, noone like bubble headed barbies, my dear. I mean at the beggining they may be fun, but how can a relationship work if it is based on physical attraction only? It doesn’t. 😉 I mean I’m HAPPY that I’m not a dumb beauty that doesn’t know that ‘Hungary’ is a restaurant. See, I’m becoming a friend of myself already. I feel better, I can sleep better now, and I hope that this harmony will help me in achieving some of my biggest goals this year, cause I have a lot, now that they are closer than ever I believe I can fulfill myself, I can get to know myself, to be happy and successful. I finally found my key to success. Now I’m hoping to put it in the right doors.

The only journey is the journey within



p.s. My fav ice-hockey team’s goalie (goal keeper) is an amazing singer, in love with his voice ❤

isn’t he amazing? p.s.2. he’s not proffesional singer. 🙂