10 simple ways how to brighten a bad day

Had a bad day? Can’t decide how, but you know you want to make it better? Here are 10 simple ways that are proven to brighten it up.

10. Watch a sad movie.

It’s in human nature to feel better after seeing somebody else is feeling worse, but that is not the only reason why this is a working way to brighten your bad day. After crying your eyes out while watching a sad movie (a walk to remember, Keith, One Day, Cruel Intentions, Raise Your Voice, Remember me or some other) you feel refreshed and just better, relaxed enough to have a good night sleep and end your bad day.

9. Have a cup of hot chocolate and look through your friend and family albums.

A nice cup of hot chocolate always makes you feel cozy and good, but restoring old memories might be a really pleasant way how to forget about the bad stuff and remember some good instead.

8. Listen to heavy metal songs.

By listening to these songs you will literally shake out everything out of your head. If you get loose and just dance and shake yourself in the rhythm it’s even better.

7. Go online shopping.

I believe that you really don’t feel like going out to town for a shopping spree, but you might actually enjoy buying yourself something you’ve always wanted online. It may be a coffee cup, a beauty product or even a pizza, what’s important, they deliver it to your house – so you are happy with no effort.

6. Do a home-spa.

Just take time for yourself. Go and take a bubble-bath, enjoy a nice face mask or scrub your body. Anything that helps you relax is good.

5. Eat fruits and have some wine.

After a tough day in the office, what can be more relaxing than eating grapes, oranges or simply some apples and drinking a glass of wine or champagne. Celebrate Thursdays, Mondays and Shitdays for that matter. Make your life a celebration.

4. Exercise.

The thought  of a skinnier, healthier you is always motivating. And if you really put some effort in your exercise until you’re pumped out, you feel feel a deep relaxation afterwards, also a feeling of completion and you’ll just be proud of yourself. You could have a contrast or completely cold shower afterwards, that is also very relaxing.

3. Do your nails.

Just make yourself a royal manicure. Do nail-art, just try anything that you can think of or can find on youtube tutorials. Pretty nails always brighten a woman’s day.

2. Take a walk.

Take your i-pod and go for a walk. Looking around the usual places while having your headphones on will really trigger some thinking in your head, and that is really an amazing way to see the world brighter and more colorfully. Enjoy the simple, the usual, the casual.

1. Do a yoga routine followed by a deep meditation.

No, yoga is not a religion, yoga is loving yourself, self-respect, something you may be lacking after a bad day. Find some tutorials online and just go for it. I guarantee that doing yoga is a secure way to complete relaxation, calmness and happiness. It’s narcotic. It’s priceless.

What do you do to brighten a bad day?