How to : fuck up your life before turning 18

So, this is actually an older post of mine from a different blog, but I decided that it was worth improving and re-posting. It is still, however, a bit exaggerated, but the topic deserves so much attention, because the adolescents … Continue reading

It’s one thing to make the same mistake twice. It’s another thing to make it all your life.

After a tragical day, I started thinking. Why is everything the way it is? Is it because I’m awful? Is it because I’m wrong? Or maybe cause I just don’t know who I am anymore… I’m thinking about taking the mask off, I wan’t to be myself again… only I don’t know how anymore… I’ve built such a protection shield around me, so that no one can hurt me, but it still doesn’t work.. of course, it may be worse… I wan’t to let my guard down, I want to be true again, I’m just too scared that I’d be hurt again.. I wonder if it’s because I’m dumb, I wonder if it’s because I’m alone. Or maybe I just want to be a person? When I look at people I just don’t see the conection between them and me, cause I’m so much different.. But I’m done with trying to pull myself together, I’m done with being alone, I’m done with my life. I’m starting a new one!