The only person standing in your way most of the time is you.

10 hours away from my senior year of high-school, I am having a throwback at the last 11 years. A lot has happened, I have grown into an individual with its own beliefs. Just a week ago I was mad … Continue reading

I want success as my middle name

­              Some say that having a goal in life is what counts, many don’t realize that a goal without a plan is just a wish. People who dream big ,achieve a lot they say, I say people who work hard for their achievements are the only ones who achieve anything remarkable in life,  What I don’t understand is people saying that they are ready to change things they don’t like, but they are not ready to make any sacrifices. Success doesn’t come easy, you have to earn it.” People who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world, usually are the ones who do”, of course everything starts with a dream, later you develop into your goal, then you generate a plan and then you do the dirty work, but it seems that many are not ready to do the last part. You can’t expect to lose weight, become a genius or win a marathon with just a plan you never did. You want to lose weight, but at the same time you go and eat a cookie, you go and drink a coffee – where is the dedication you told about? If you want to achieve something in this life – be ready to make sacrifices, nothing comes easy and immediately, it takes time, courage, self control and dedication, but most of all – hard work. Not saying you can’t, not stopping when you’re out of breath, not quitting when you don’t see the results you wanted, not fall while you’re going for it – that is what it takes. So maybe before you waste your time doing things that will never result in the way you wish they did, maybe think about whether you are at the point of your life where you understand what it takes.

Also, stop whining about not succeeding after a week. No champion ever has become a champion after a week or even a year of practice. Life is not a garden of roses, nothing worth having ever comes easy. If you don’t succeed – run longer, jump higher, work harder, keep trying, keep going, unless you faint, vomit or die, you can do more. And when your legs are tired, run with your heart.

The most powerful thing one has been given is self-discipline, unfortunately many don’t quite use it, it’s easier to eat a pack of chips than run that 5k, I know. It’s much more pleasure to go to McDonalds than prepare your own healthy meal, I know. It is easier to drive by car than the bicycle, I know. But if “easier” is what you’re looking for, then you don’t need success. You already succeed by not doing anything.

And if you decide that you really want to be successful and you’re ready to finally aim for what’s important – then we’re talking. Don’t worry about failing, get up and keep trying. No master has ever become master without failing, you learn by your mistakes and you know you have learned from it when you don’t ever repeat it. You don’t need to be the best to start your journey, but you do need to start your journey to be the best.

Most importantly, don’t think it’s a matter of a month. No, you didn’t gain those pounds over a week, you didn’t fall back in your studies in a week, don’t expect to get everything better be immediate. Keep going and you’ll get there.


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

For past few weeks or even months I’ve been telling myself I’m exhausted from all the things that I’ve been doing, only now I realize I’m exhausted from not doing enough. You may wonder how is it even possible, well it is. I’ve always considered myself an ambitious person, well but there is a necessity for a munition that equals the ambition. And apparently I’ve been trying to kill someone with an empty bullet. I had forgotten how much I need to keep moving forward, keep succeeding to be happy. I’ve lost my confidence and I put the blame on the wrong reasons. I know finally realize that I had forgotten to be the person I taught myself to be, I had forgotten who I am and was someone I was not instead.

There are a lot of ways to keep my life the way I want it, but in long term I know very well what I want  – I  want success. And I can’t gain that by sitting at Starbucks or chilling at Cinnabon with my friends. I don’t know how it started, I guess the same old story – being desperate to fit in, oh well, fuck that. I’m the only one responsible for my life yesterday, today and tomorrow. And I am the one who needs to take action to complete my needs and wants.

Of course I can’t deny that I have changed due to recent events in my life, but I can’t let myself to fall to the shallow life of people who only care about today…. I don’t think you should be focusing on future all the time, but how does calling procrastination cool makes you cool? How does not studying make you cool? And I somehow started believing it is. And so what if it is ? I’m not going for ‘cool’, I’m going for “success” .

Yes, I like to party but at the same time I like to work hard and see the results of my work. But I’ve let myself drop to the level where nobody will ever trust me anything important in this company. ISN’T IT ALL I NEVER WANTED TO HAPPEN? WHAT HAVE I DONE? From this day on I’ll party hard but work even harder. Cause for those who do not have workdays, they don’t have Sundays either. I hope you get where I’m coming from.

I don’t know why every time I seem to have found my way, I always lose it, but I always do. And that is the main thing I have to change in my attitude… in my actions.

See a little while ago I found the most motivating video I had ever seen, I felt guilty for going to sleep and not doing more… well…. as usual, it was 3 days of hard work and then I slipped again… Why? I don’t know. But if I continue this way, I will be studying in University of Latvia instead of Brown or Pennsylvania or some other IVY league school.

If I don’t take action now, average is all I’m ever going to be. And that is not enough. I’m not saying I’ll stop having fun, no, but I will earn the fun with hard, hard work. Not starting today or tomorrow or a week from now. But NOW. Right now. Now.



“do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

The neverendless question – how to achieve the best? how to earn the biggest money? how to live the fullest life? …and today I’m here to tell you my interpretation of the particular answer..

Let me as always begin with the problem of ours- we’re all paranoid… no,no,I’m not – that’s what you are probably thinking now… Today I’ll talk about who I mean while using such a strong word – “all”. I got to admit I’m one of those person’s who really cares about financial, physical and mental safety… yes, I do… See I’m paranoid…why? Because I’m going down a path were the grass isn’t growing anymore…way too many people have done the same thing befoe me…and many will follow…If you look closely at the people who are on top of their game, they’re all revolutionists…they have made something out of nothing… but we’re keeping something of something alive… as if that was needed… See Albert Einstein used to say “Any idea that does not seem crazy at first, is worth nothing at all” and that is true… I guess the reason why many people chose  “the safety path” is because they care too much of what others think of them…that’s the way world is now..there’s nothing you can do to change the world, you can be one of the “crazy” person’s who make a change in their own lifes. So the other day I was watching E! True Hollywood story (I don’t remember of whom), there was a man who said words that are stuck in my head – “See the thing is, many people come to Hollywood to become famous, therefore only few of them understand what it means” .. and I believe that this sentence is true in so many ways… because you can’t reach the top if you are aiming for the biggest salary… you have to make your job worth the biggest salary first, because if someone else does it- he recieves it… and that is the simple secret why people can’t be at the very top… See I believe in this case there’re 3 kinds of people:

1) People who have no remarkable idea’s, because they have assumed that the ones they have thought of are not good enough… See their biggest problems are  

               a) They don’t believe they’re good enough to achieve something in life. WHY? One reason may be that they have some self-confidence issue, which is oftenly obtained in school, where teachers are not doing enough to put “the bad boys” on the row…

              b)They are lazy and are not ready to put a hard work in a process they believe is impossible to become something bright… see from this one there comes another problem- they are afraid of the thoughts of the others…

             c) They never achieve something more than “average citizen” … some people are happy this way – then they are doing nothing wrong, therefore, the ones who are unhappy living this life may rethink their values 🙂 ..

2) People who have good ieas but by somewhat reason they are afraid to develop it…their biggest issues are

             a)  they are afraid of failure… but they fail anyways…because fear is the biggest failure

             b) they know they can achieve everything if they had a little more of that…little more of this… so they give up after a while

3)People who have good ideas, they invest all they have into developing the idea, later getting back what they had never imagined.

So basically THE SECRET is walking a path no one has walked before instead of blindly following something many people have done before you… And at the end the easiest is what first seems hardest.. because creating something absolutely new is way easier than trying to discover a new America in a place with population over 2 000 000 people. Be creative, produce ideas and never fear developing them! 🙂