Suicide is mans way of telling God you can’t fire me .. i quit

I know I felt happy, but I cant live from one person. One heals and eeverybody shoots. I don’t know, maybe, I look like a live target? Why does everyone keep doing this to me? What have I done wrong to sit in the corner and quietly cry on a friday night? What if I don’t want to sacrifise myself for your egos?

My sunshine and I we’re keeping our world together, but what happens while we’re apart?

I feel like running away, like leaving everything that’s here, I could drive without looking back or having an exact destination, I just want to get away.

Human is egoistic, bitchy being, they do everything for themselves, they call weird people, that are different. But c’mon I don’t want to be like everyone. If I wanted a clone I’d tell, but believe me I don’t.

if you’re ready to kill your family just to feel better, that’s weird.

And why, why, WHY people look at others from above? What have they done to think they are better than others? What do they get from that? Coolness, style, popularity? Well, if that’s what it’s all about, I don’t need any of those shits.

I know it makes you mad, but I don’t need you to feel fine, just leave me the fuck alone and get lost [!!]

Just don’t fall out of your throne, you may broke something, honey.